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cascabel chef

Chef  Cesar Vasquez

Cascabel Head Chef

Born in Mexico City, Chef Vasquez started his culinary trip behind such notable kitchens in Mexico City as the Four Seasons and Crown Plaza. He then became Executive Chef for the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico, then Corporate Chef at the Argetinian group La Taba before he decided to venture out on his own restaurant project called L’Enchilada.

Chef Vasquez also spent 5 years as an instructor at Ambrosia Culinary Center and Universidad Iberoamericana before being offered an opportunity to showcase his talents on an international stage. In 2006, Chef Vasquez moved to Los Angeles to develop and implement the menu at Amaranta Cocina Mexicana. He was then invited as consultant to join the Argentinian Group Buenos Aires Grill. Shortly later, Chef Vasquez found himself moving to San Francisco to oversee Lefty O’douls and the Broadway Grill's successful menu and kitchen.

Chef Cesar, with his incredible knowledge and overwhelming passion, has brought Cascabel to life.

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